About Chestnutt Animal Feeds

The premises in the County Antrim village of Stranocum, started off as a flax mill in the late 1800’s before being bought by Alexander Chestnutt on January 6th 1926.

It remained in his ownership until it was sold to his nephew, also Alexander, on 30th September 1953. Alexander (Jnr) ran both a feed mill and fish farm on the site with the business being named ‘A. Chestnutt’; however, since 1996 the focus has been solely on animal feed manufacturing and it has since been named Chestnutt Animal Feeds. The business has continued growing until this day and is currently owned by Alexander’s son, James, who came into the business in the early 1990s.


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We provide high quality feeds to meet the needs of dairy, beef cattle, sheep & horses

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