Additional Products

Additional Products

At Chestnutt Animal Feeds we offer an extensive portfolio of additional products that complement our quality feeds. These products cater for various animal groups, ranging from specially tailored mineral & vitamin packages and calf milk powders, to feed additives and lick buckets to boost your animals performance.

Additional Animal Feeds

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At Chestnutts we recognise the impact that successful calf rearing and nutrition has on future performance. With this in mind, we offer a variety of milk powders in both whey and skimmed form along side our range of quality calf feeds. With milks designed for bucket feeding or automatic dispensers, we can be sure to offer a powder to suit each calf rearing system.


Chestnutts Dry Cow minerals and vitamins are designed to meet the requirements of the cow during the last 8 weeks of pregnancy, when fed at 125 grams daily. The high magnesium and vitamin D3 content, along with low calcium, help to prepare the cow for the increase in calcium demands at calving.

Rumen-protected IntelliBond copper, IntelliBond zinc and selenium, ensure a higher trace mineral bioavailability; whilst high vitamin E content complements Selko AO-mix to provide an enhanced support for immune function and health during the period leading up to calving.


Dairy Hi Phos is designed to meet the requirements of dairy cattle during both grazing and winter feeding, when fed at a daily rate of 150 grams; helping to maintain performance and fertility.

Rich in quality, the high phosphorus inclusion helps to balance rations and meet the animal’s phosphorus requirements. Containing a higher zinc content, the Dairy Hi Phos also improves hoof health, with enhanced vitamin E and Selko AO-mix helping maintain immune function and health.


GP Cattle is a quality, well balanced mineral and vitamin supplement designed to meet the requirements of cattle when fed at a daily rate of 100 grams.

GP Cattle helps maintain health and productivity for all groups of cattle, whether on a grass based or winter diet.


Maize Gluten Balancer is a good quality mineral and vitamin supplement specifically designed to balance cattle requirements when fed diets containing maize gluten or other cereal by-products.


Propcorn balancer is a mineral and vitamin supplement designed for cattle that are being fed Propcorn-treated grain or other moist stored grains.

It contains higher calcium to balance these diets, while the greater zinc and vitamin E content supports immune function.


The Sheep nutritional solution is a high quality mineral and vitamin supplement produced to meet the requirements of sheep at grazing or winter feeding, when fed at daily rate of 30 grams/head.

Importantly, it contains no added copper and a copper blocker; while having a good specification and being well-balanced to help maintain health and productivity.


Farm-O-San Pulmosure contains an essential oil that supports breathing and clearing of the airways for both calves and lambs. Pulmosure also provides support to immune function, incorporating a natural form of vitamin E and organically bound selenium.

Pulmosure should be fed at a daily rate of 10 grams per 100kg of body weight for a period of 1 to 3 weeks.

Use at the first sign of respiratory problems or during anticipated periods of risk (such as housing cattle for the first time in autumn).


Farm-O-San Reviva is a highly palatable post calving drink, designed to rehydrate and replenish mineral and fluid losses the cow experiences during calving. Containing large amounts of calcium and energy, Reviva will increase blood calcium levels and boost dry matter intakes in early lactation.

Mix 1kg of Reviva with 20 litres of look-warm water, administering directly after calving and prior to granting free access to drinking water.


Acid Buf is a highly efficient rumen buffer made from calcareous marine algae. Its natural honeycomb structure breaks down slowly in the rumen providing twice the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate, even when fed at much lower concentrations. The result is an improved rumen environment and subsequent performance.

Of particular benefit where feeding considerable levels of concentrates, feed at a rate of 25-50g/head/day for beef cattle or 50-80g/head/day for dairy cattle.

In the event of a digestive upset or sudden dietary change, include Acid Buf at a rate of 100g/head for 2 to 3 weeks for beef cattle and up to 110g for dairy cattle.


UltraSorbR is a combination of specially selected biologically active ingredients that binds, transforms and degrades mycotoxins found in the rumen. Available in a farmpack which can be directly applied into a TMR, typical response will be seen within 2 weeks; with higher feed intakes, improved milk production, growth rates, fertility and general health expected.

Feed at a rate of 20g/head for beef and dairy cattle and 5-10g/head for sheep and calves.


Crystalyx Easy Breather is a feed lick specially designed with the intention to help alleviate stress and respiratory problems in calves and sheep. Such respiratory problems are most prevalent in autumn and winter, especially when housed. Main benefits include;

  • Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility
  • Helps calves regain appetite after a stress or challenge
  • A powerful natural aid to help calves resist respiratory challenges
  • Reduces the risk of growth checks

Available in 5kg or 22.5kg tubs, place at a rate of one 5kg lick for every 8-10 calves.


Extra High Energy is a feed tub that can be used all year round to provide supplementation for ewes, rams and lambs. Main benefits include;

  • Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility while providing all essential mineral, trace elements and vitamins
  • Reduces the risk of twin lamb disease
  • Enhances milk production
  • Maintains body condition during pregnancy to maximise lamb vitality and health
  • Optimises lamb birth weight to produce healthy vigorous lambs
  • Improves lamb daily live weight gain

Place at the rate of two Tublyx per 100 ewes or two Mini-tubs per 40 ewes. For finishing lambs, 2 mini-tubs will last 50 lambs approximately 30 days.


Crystalyx Cattle Booster is a feed tub ideally suited for use in dairy and beef farming systems and is proven to enhance forage intake and digestibility. Benefits include;

  • Reduced somatic cell count through the inclusion of zinc
  • Reduced lameness, with zinc helping to promote horn growth
  • Improved milk production
  • Improved fertility with the use of selenium and copper
  • Proven to act as a buffer for wet, acidic silages

For dairy cattle, one Tublyx is adequate for 15 cows, with intakes of 200g/day. 2 Tublyx will last 30 cows approximately 28 days; whilst 2 Mini-tubs will last 20 cows 12 days.

For beef systems, yearlings will consume 100-150g/day at grass; suckler cows approximately 150g/day; and bulls 200-300g/day.


Crystalyx Cattle High-Mag is a high magnesium lick that is designed to help maintain normal blood magnesium levels in beef and dairy livestock during periods of risk. Providing a highly palatable form of magnesium, Cattle High-Mag is of particular benefit during spring turn-out or autumn grazing; helping to prevent grass staggers/tetany. Key benefits include;

  • The most palatable high magnesium block on the market (30% sugar)
  • Contains multiple magnesium sources to optimise magnesium availability and help maintain normal blood magnesium levels
  • High digestibility and magnesium availability confirmed through trials at Glasgow Veterinary School

Provide one Tublyx per 15 cows, with intakes expected around 150-200g/head/day.


Crystalyx Pre-Calver is designed for feeding to both dairy and beef cows during the dry period, as it provides a low calcium/high magnesium diet which greatly reduces the risk of milk fever and slow calving. Main benefits include;

  • Reduces the risk of milk fever, difficult calvings and retained placenta
  • Promotes calf health and vigour
  • Strengthened immune response post calving
  • Improved conception rates
  • Promotes a good dry matter appetite for improved lactation performance


Organyx Garlic is an effective, fully certified, organic solution to controlling irritating flies and insects. Ideal for all types and ages of livestock, Organyx aromatic compounds work to create an invisible barrier over the skin, which nuisance insects find repelling.


Molasses is a feed liquid, high in both sugars and fermentable energy; making it an ideal energy supplement and sweetening agent for dairy, beef and sheep rations.



Glycerol and propylene glycerol are high energy supplements that help prevent Ketosis and excessive condition loss in early lactation cows. Suitable for feeding via the TMR or on robots/out of parlour feeders with liquid dispensers; glycerol is available in 1,000 litre cubes, while propylene glycerol can be purchased in 25 litre jars.


Established in 1953, this family run mill has a lifetime of experience in producing a wide range of high quality feeds, to meet the needs of dairy, beef cattle and sheep, at all stages of life.

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