Chestnutt Animal Feed Services

A wide range of additional services are available to all of our customers, as we recognise the need to maximise efficiency at farm level.

Silage Analysis

Silage makes up a significant proportion of a ruminant’s diet and therefore it is essential to be aware of its quality in order to feed the correct concentrates as efficiently as possible. Silage samples are analysed in a Trouw Nutrition lab, with results returned promptly, the farmer gets a detailed analysis of their silage within days.
We also have a portable NIR4 Farm scanner which uses Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) technology to give instant forage analysis results on farm.


Ultramix is a computer software programme used to formulate diets of ruminants. Using the results from a silage analysis, a member of our nutritional team can use the Ultramix programme to formulate a balanced diet. Ultramix is a key tool that allows us to formulate specific diets that optimise performance on individual farms.

Promar Milkminder

Milkminder is a beneficial resource for dairy farmers who wish to closely monitor the financial performance of their business, in order to make improvements where necessary.

At Chestnutt’s, we provide this entirely confidential service to all dairy customers who request it.

Robotic Milking Systems

The last fifteen years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of farms in Northern Ireland investing in robotic milking systems, particularly in the North Antrim area. We have gained significant expertise through working with a number of customers using robotic systems and provide a full nutritional service to all.


Interherd computer software allows us to easily download and analyse your herd’s milk records. As a result, we can make more informed decisions on herd nutrition and management.


Established in 1953, this family run mill has a lifetime of experience in producing a wide range of high quality feeds, to meet the needs of dairy, beef cattle and sheep, at all stages of life.

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