Ewe Nutrition Pre and Post Lambing

On many sheep farms preparation should be well underway for a busy lambing season. It is essential to review lambing performance from last year, focus on areas that need to improve, and set out a clear management and nutritional plan for the coming season.

Improving Feed Efficiency

Produce More Beef from the same Feed!
Chestnutt’s Beef rations contain YEA-SACC Live Yeast, which is proven to increase daily liveweight gain, and improve overall feed efficiency! Follow the link to read more about it!

Benefits of Feeding Chestnutt’s Calf Starter Pellets

Benefits to Feeding a Specific Calf Starter Feed!
The first weeks of a calf’s life represent a huge opportunity to improve the overall performance of the dairy herd. Improved growth rate as a calf will equate to increased milk yield as a cow. Chestnutt Calf Starter Pellets are specifically formulated to give calves the best possible start.

Trial Report – Is NIS the Tool For You?

For many ‘high performing’ ruminant diets, providing enough effective fibre to balance high starch levels, without depressing intakes is an all too common challenge. With many facing such predicaments, Chestnutt Feeds conducted a month-long trial of Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS) Pellets on the farm of a County Antrim dairy customer.

Sheep Workshop Report – In Case Ewe Missed Out

This January saw Chestnutt Feeds play host to a very successful sheep workshop, held in the local community centre. The event placed particular focus on flock management during the final trimester, with the evening featuring guest speakers Stephen Kelly (Trouw Nutrition) and Christa McMordie (Veterinary Surgeon).

Influencing the Performance of Your Beef Animal

Physiological factors such as genetic make-up, sex and age will influence the growth potential and feed conversion efficiency (FCE) of an animal. However, it is often the environmental factors such as nutrition, housing and health that have the greatest impact on performance and profitability.

Established in 1953, this family run mill has a lifetime of experience in producing a wide range of high quality feeds, to meet the needs of dairy, beef cattle and sheep, at all stages of life.

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