Reducing risk of sara and improving profitability

Acid Buf is a unique, highly efficient rumen buffer made from calcareous marine algae. It breaks down slowly in the rumen to stabilise
pH and, as a result, improves the performance and profitability of your herd.

The benefits of creating the perfect rumen environment:

  • Increases daily liveweight gain and feed efficiency
  • Increased fibre digestion
  • Reduced risk of SARA & acidosis
  • Reduced risk of laminitis and bloat
  • Improved dung consistency

Increasing feed efficiency in cereal-fed beef cattle

Acid Buf results in better rumen buffering and greater feed efficiency compared to other buffers such as sodium bicarbonate, even when
fed at much lower concentrations. This is due to its ability to maintain an optimum pH over a longer period of time. It is also an important source
of bio-available calcium and magnesium.

When cows are fed Acid Buf, the results are:

  • Increased daily liveweight gains of up to 8%
  • Increased feed efficiency gains of up to 11%
  • Overall gross margin improvement of 20%

Feeding rate:

Beef cattle: 25-50g/head/day
In the event of a digestive upset or a sudden dietary change, include Acid Buf up to 100g/head/day.
When introducing cattle onto a heavy concentrate feeding plan, include at 100g/head/day for the first 15-20 days.

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