Feeding for the Future with Chestnutts Sustain Dairy Range

At Chestnutt Animal Feeds, we believe innovation holds the key to a sustainable dairy industry. It therefore gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the Sustain Dairy range, a first for NI compounders, formulated specifically to exclude feed ingredients widely acknowledged as having a negative environmental impact, without compromising on ration quality or farm productivity.


The challenge faced by dairy farmers to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 is considerable. Whilst improvements in cow management, heifer rearing and forage
production have been fundamental in driving efficiency in recent years, focus is moving further up the supply chain, with the sourcing of inputs and
rationing of feed now firmly under the spotlight.

To date, this consumer driven agenda has already paid witness to the removal of soya and soya derivatives from the rations of Marks & Spencer’s 44
dedicated milk suppliers; a move prompting many to reconsider their reliance on these costly materials.

As a progressive company, we at Chestnutts recognise the role we must play in tackling climate change, and our obligation to help customers evolve and
adapt their business to changing markets and demands. Our proactive approach has therefore led to the development of the Sustain Dairy range, demonstrating
our commitment to future proofing your enterprise, and protecting the environment alike.

The Sustainable Solution

Sustain Dairy offers clients a viable alternative to soya, soya derivatives and palm kernel, whilst boasting similar energy, starch, and protein values
to that of our conventional rations. Available in a variety of protein levels, the range has been tried and tested over the past 12 months on three
high performing herds, with no adverse effect on production, components, or fertility observed at grass or during the housing period.


NovaPro is undoubtably the star ingredient, having recently been accredited with this year’s Royal Dairy Innovation Award. The novel feed
is produced in the UK from locally sourced rapeseed, which undergoes a unique heat treatment and bonding process, free of chemicals, to reduce rumen
degradability. The result is a high energy, low carbon footprint, rumen protected protein, offering a bypass content equivalent to that of soyabean

The value of NovaPro has been demonstrated in trials conducted by the University of Nottingham, with a response of +1.7 litres in comparison to a traditional
soyabean and rapemeal extract diet. A significant reduction in milk urea levels also indicated NovaPros ability to supress nitrogen losses and enhance
the utilisation of protein, which may be of particular interest to dairy enterprises constrained by derogations going forward.

Quality Fibre

The Sustain range also sees the substitute of soya hulls with sugarbeet, offering a balance of quality digestible fibre and slow-release
energy, helping to promote rumen function and maintain milk components.

As one of few distributors, we can also offer Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS) pellets for incorporation into bespoke
blends, or direct farm delivery. This sustainable UK product is a fantastic source of functional fibre, with our own independent studies identifying
significant improvements in dung consistency, feed intakes and reduced sorting, where challenged.

Sustain Booster Pack

Our commitment to a fully sustainable dairy industry also extends to that of our hi-spec booster pack. Yea-Sacc® live yeast, approved by the Carbon Trust, assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients for greater feed efficiency, whilst the inclusion of
chelated minerals offers improved bioavailability to optimise herd health and performance. Meanwhile Megalac SG®,
derived from physically segregated sustainable palm oil provides a source of quality rumen protected fat, proven to increase milk yield and fertility.

Our Company Commitment

At Chestnutt Animal Feeds, we recognise that producing sustainable food is a responsibility for the entire supply chain, and not just farmers alone. In
acknowledgement, we bring to you our Sustainability Strategy, outlining three core pillars as to how we will play our part across the business.

1. Responsible sourcing of feed materials

Seeking viable low carbon footprint alternatives

2. Formulation of quality balanced rations

To optimise feed efficiency and farm productivity

3. Efficient production of finished feed

Investing in the latest technologies and equipment

In keeping with these core values, we believe the Sustain Dairy range represents a significant step in the right direction towards a sustainable future.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sustain Dairy or our range of ruminant feeds, contact the mill on 028 2074 1354 or your local sales
representative today.


Established in 1953, this family run mill has a lifetime of experience in producing a wide range of high quality feeds, to meet the needs of dairy, beef cattle and sheep, at all stages of life.

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