Benefits of Feeding Chestnutt's Calf Starter Pellets

Benefits of Feeding Chestnutt's Calf Starter Pellets


Benefits to Feeding a Specific Calf Starter Feed!

The first weeks of a calf’s life represent a huge opportunity to improve the overall performance of the dairy herd. Improved growth rate as a calf will equate to increased milk yield as a cow.Chestnutt Calf Starter Pellets are specifically formulated to give calves the best possible start.Our calf starter pellets contain –

-High levels of starch in the form of wheat and maize to promote rumen development and drive growth rates

-High levels of quality protein in the form of soyabean meal to promote frame development

-Eimericox (EMX) – a combination of plant extract and essential oil that help to fight and manage coccidia challenges

-Health Pack – elevated levels of vitamin E, Selplex (organic selenium) and zinc to support the calf’s immune system at a critical time.

-Safmannan – a yeast cell wall extract that helps to fight off infection in the digestive system.

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