Chestnutt Animal Feeds, Northern Ireland

Established in 1953, Chestnutt Feeds family run mill has a lifetime of experience in producing a wide range of high quality feeds to meet the needs of dairy, beef cattle and sheep, at all stages of life.

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Silage Analysis

It is essential to be aware of silage quality in order to feed the correct concentrates as efficiently as possible.

Ultramix Software

Ultramix is a computer software programme used to formulate diets of ruminants.

Promar Milkminder

Milkminder is a beneficial resource for dairy farmers who wish to closely monitor the financial performance of their business.

Robotic Milking Systems

More farms in Northern Ireland are investing in robotic milking systems, particularly in the North Antrim area.

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17 January 2019

Sheep Workshop Report – In Case Ewe Missed Out

This January saw Chestnutt Feeds play host to a very successful sheep workshop, held in the local community centre. The event placed particular foc...
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26 November 2018

Influencing the Performance of Your Beef Animal

Physiological factors such as genetic make-up, sex and age will influence the growth potential and feed conversion efficiency (FCE) of an animal. H...
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07 September 2018

Improving Performance with Transition Cow Management

The dry period is not a rest, but a crucial stage of development in preparation for the subsequent lactation. Thinking about a cow’s nutrition aft...
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